Experty ICO Review

Experty ICO Review

Experty is a blockchain-based expert calling platform connecting advise seekers with knowledge providers.


Name: Experty
Symbol: EXY
Hard Cap: $9,000,000 or 33k ETH (whichever is lower)
Presale Date: Not clear. Most likely will start together with ICO.
Presale Bonus: 10-60% bonus over ICO price. Proof of Care.
PoC Partner Tier: 60% bonus + flat 5,000 EXY (regardless of the amount).
PoC Tier 1: 40% bonus + flat 1,000 EXY (regardless of the amount).
PoC Tier 2: 20% bonus
PoC Tier 3: 10% bonus
ICO Date: 25-Jan-2018 until 25-Feb-2018
ICO Price:
1 ETH = 1000 EXY

Whitelist: Open for Presale with Proof of Care submissions until 15-Jan-2018.
Token distribution date: After the ICO.

Social Interest (26-Dec-2017):
Twitter: 5,513
Telegram: 7,694
Reddit: n/a
Bitcointalk: 91


• Experty is a blockchain-based expert calling platform where two or more parties connect via audio or video call. Knowledge provider sets their rate per minute, which is paid by knowledge seeker when they call. This exchange is settled on blockchain using an Ethereum smart contract coupled with off-chain software.

• Knowledge provider can share his direct call link without fear of receiving fraud or marketing calls. They can also display their availability schedule. Knowledge seeker saves time and money by contacting wanted person directly, and paying only for actual call time.

• Experts can share their paid call links whenever and wherever they want (i.e. social media like LinkedIn, blogs and message boards). This avoids relying on Experty to create a marketplace for them. Payments are instant.

• Possible use cases include lawyers, medical consultants, programmers, business advisors, professors, language learning, webcam chats, bloggers & youtubers and celebrities & influencers.

• EXY is a utility token that will be used for all payments from advice seekers to knowledge providers. Token will be sold inside the application via credit cards, Ethereum, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. EXY tokens are needed to perform transactions or staking, hence the more usage Experty platform has, the more valuable tokens will be.



• I think the idea is great, and I really like the low hard cap of only $9,000,000. The team could have gone for a higher hard cap without having any problems raising it, or fix the rate to ETH, but they didn’t.  They fixed it to the lower of $9M and 33k ETH (33k ETH today is more than $20M). This tells me that the team is not greedy, which is always refreshing to see.

• The Proof of Care concept was recently introduced by Quantstamp, and I already gave some thoughts on it in my Quantstamp ICO review. To repeat, I think the Proof of Care concept is a great concept for raising the project awareness and hype, while rewarding the supporters who actually contribute in some way to the project. It served Quantstamp extremely well, the ICO sold out very quickly and the price went more than 5x shortly after listing. Being listed on Binance shortly after ICO concluded definitely helped. I have no doubt the same Proof of Care concept will serve Experty very well as well. They did a good job defining the token metrics and bonuses. With everything they’ve done so far, I believe that the team knows what they are doing and that they will push for listing on major exchanges like Binance very quickly after the token sale.

• If the ICO cap reaches $9m during the presale the ICO will end and there will be no main sale. This is a very likely scenario and will be followed with additional hype and a lot of unmet demand.

• They have a working application both for iOS and Android.

• Team members are not all stars. Lot of experience in programming, but most of them don’t have big name companies on their resume and only 1-2 have Solidity knowledge, while others are more JS focused developers. However, they do have respectable advisers, and the prototype is already done, so this gives me some confidence that they will be able to pull it off.

• Even though there is almost 8,000 people in the Telegram group, the chat there is not very active as of yet. I believe this will change closer to the ICO.

• Team and partners do get a 63% of the total tokens, which is substantial amount, but the team tokens are vested for 3 years and partner tokens are locked for 18 months.


• Good idea, low market cap, prototype ready and solid hype. I’m positive on this project both for the short term and long term.

• For flipping: POSITIVE

• For long term holding: POSITIVE


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6 Responses to Experty ICO Review

  1. hhhhhhhh says:

    Thanks for your blog!
    I wish you would publish a list of projects that you passed on though, and what red flags you found.

    If you take requests, here’s a list of interesting ICOs to look over:
    AMLT by Coinfirm
    Orchid Protocol
    Ontology Network
    Block Collider

    Please include a wallet / paypal address for donations.

    • BuddhaTrader says:

      Thank you for the kind words and suggestions. Regarding the projects I passed on, that’s a good idea and I will include it in some form.

      For donations:
      BTC: 16h4QuZCDEjzh6zUVMEuoJAySReCWbDTxp
      ETH: 0x3953e951d7dd29c5f254b3fba4eae4255730091d

  2. Ray says:

    Hi Dom, I love your analysis and I think you’re spot on so far based on what I’ve read on your blog. Can I know how often do you post a review?

    • BuddhaTrader says:

      Hi Ray, thank you for your message.
      There is no strict schedule, but definitely not as often as I would like to.

      Most of my time is currently consumed by trading, managing my own portfolio and working on other crypto projects.
      You will notice that the content is completely free and without ads (except the Binance ad with my referral link), so it’s more of a hobby currently as I do like to write and share the good projects with the public.

      However, stay tuned, as I’m working on the project to elevate the blog to the higher level in the next couple of months.

  3. David says:

    Hey I just found your blog and really like your content! Quick question, is a hard cap of 9 million the equivalent of a market cap of 9 million when it starts to get listed on exchanges? In other words, if I participate in the ICO and the coin eventually reaches a 200m market cap, that means I will have more than 20x’d my investment?

  4. BuddhaTrader says:

    Hi David, the answer to both of your questions is – yes!

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